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    In our salon you can enjoy comprehensive research okulistyczno-optometrystycznych.Research optometrystyczne include a detailed interview with the patient, checking visual acuity, the ability akomodacyjnych, binocular vision and a study of the anterior segment.The evaluation is also subject to the overall efficiency of the whole visual system.
    Ophthalmic Research aimed at diagnosing and treating diseases of the eye (eg glaucoma, cataract, AMD) and include: examination of the eye, non-contact measurement of ocular pressure and the removal of foreign bodies from eyes.
    Eyesight is also examined in terms of peripheral vision, depth perception and the functioning of the muscles responsible for eye movements.
    We also carry out periodic testing for drivers and other professional groups.
    We work with qualified doctors okulistami who in the office equipped with modern equipment perform complete diagnostics of the eye for the selection of appropriate corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses.

    The eye tests available in the lounge at Pl. Wilsona 4
    Monday to Friday 15.00 – 19.00
    Please call me earlier: 22 839 81 60